(OMNI-CancerConnect) — The Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) applauds the House for acting on the Senate-passed Sunscreen Innovation Act, clearing the way for the President’s signature. Thanks to the leadership and hard work of Congressmen Ed Whitfield (R-KY01) and John D. Dingell (D-MI12) and Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Johnny Isakson (R-GA), the Sunscreen Innovation Act will answer the call raised by MRA and fellow stakeholders to provide the public with more timely access to the most effective and innovative sunscreen products. MRA looks forward to the President signing the bill into law and urges the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to implement these historic reforms as soon as possible.

“Today’s passage brings us one step closer to a streamlined and transparent review process for innovative sunscreen ingredients,” said Wendy Selig, President & CEO of MRA. “We are grateful for the collaborative effort to get this bipartisan bill passed, even at a time when achieving strong bipartisan action is challenging. This effort would not have been possible without the leadership of the Public Access to Sunscreens (PASS) Coalition, a unique group comprised of both the nonprofit and for profit sectors.”

The last Over-The-Counter (OTC) sunscreen ingredient to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was in the 1990s. Since that time, eight new sunscreen applications have been filed and are still awaiting review. New sunscreen technologies currently awaiting approval in the U.S. have been widely available in Europe, Asia, and Central and South America, in some cases for more than 15 years.

MRA is committed to reducing the toll of melanoma, the deadliest of all skin cancers. The organization routinely urges people to know their risks and take steps to reduce them, including avoiding exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation and the damage it causes to the skin. MRA has worked to improve the safety and efficacy review of new sunscreen innovations that offer essential protection from hazardous UV rays. As a leading member of the PASS Coalition, MRA has engaged with Congress and the FDA to address the current standstill in a process that is clearly broken and will continue to advocate for the passage of legislation to address the public health risk posed by melanoma.


About the Melanoma Research Alliance

MRA is a public charity formed in 2007 under the auspices of the Milken Institute, with the generous founding support of Debra and Leon Black. MRA has dedicated more than $60 million to research seeking to better prevent, diagnose, and treat melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer. Due to the ongoing support of its founders, 100% of every dollar MRA raises goes to support its melanoma research program. In 2014, MRA was ranked first out of the top 30 grant-giving disease foundations by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN). The organization is poised to build on recent momentum in the field, accelerating the pace of scientific discovery and translation in order to eliminate suffering and death due to melanoma. MRA’s ability to fund wide-ranging research in melanoma is amplified by unique multi-faceted collaborations and partnerships with individuals, private foundations, and corporations. For more information, please visit www.CureMelanoma.org.

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